The Camrose Home Internationals — First Weekend

Weekend Schedule

Here is the schedule for the event

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The Venue

Holiday Inn, Edinburgh 

HOLIDAY INN Edinburgh,
132 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6UA, Scotland.
Direct Tel. 0871 942 9026
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How to Get Involved

Everyone is invited to spectate at the bridge event of the year in Scotland! East District is hosting the Camrose Trophy. The competition will be featured live on BridgeBase Online (BBO) VuGraph but why not come along to Edinburgh and watch the play in the Open Room?

All matches are on the top floor. You are very welcome to watch some of the matches in the Open room where you can sit behind a player of your choice and watch how they bid, complete, declare and defend. You will also see how screens are used in international matches.

Kibitzers (watchers) are allowed to go into the Open room before matches start, but not during matches, so if planning to come along then make sure you are there in good time. Players are allowed 2 hours and 10 minutes for each 16 board match. Most don’t use the full time, but a few do. If you are watching in the open room you are not obliged to stay for the full 2 hours, but if you leave the room you may not return! (Too distracting for players to have folk coming and going!).

Regular visitors will notice that we have revamped our scoring system for this event, so all results, live scores, VP tables and event statistics are now bundled into the 'Results' tab.

Tournament Officials

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